The western media are lying about why the Hungarian left-wing newspaper Népszabadság has been temporarily closed. Many argue that it is a “coup”, citing anonymous sources and blames Viktor Orbáns government. The facts are quite different, but since they don’t fit the agenda of the liberal media, lies are used instead.

Népszabadság was the mouthpiece of the Hungarian communist party, et consortes, from 1956 until it was bought by the Austrian company Mediaworks in 2015. By then the circulation had gone down to about 46 000 and in 2016 it has been the smallest newspaper in Hungary with a circulation of just about 37 000.

Suspending the publication

Last week the owners of Népszabadság decided to temporarily close the newspaper and wrote the following in a press release:
“Népszabadság has lost 74% of its sold circulation in the past 10 years, corresponding to more than 100,000 copies,” and continued explaining that the suspension would enable it to “focus on finding the best business model for the paper, in line with the current trends in the industry, and will start consultations in order to best secure future development”.

Our conclusion must be that there is no money to be made from left-wing newspapers and that without the backing of the communist party (or other players) it can’t stand on its own.

A disaster for the politically correct establishment

Of course a market analysis is out of the question for the paper’s journalists and others who can’t accept that large parts of Europe have had enough of the agenda pushed by the media, either privately owned or state run (public service).

All over Europe the liberal media is having a hard time since people no longer want to buy their lies (pun intended). For example, in Sweden, there is an on-going debate on how the government can help privately owned newspapers that are on the fall and just recently the The European Investment Bank (EIB) – which is the European Union’s bank – agreed to lend the Bonnier Group, Swedens leading media owner, 100 million euro.

By the way; EIB:s wealth is the money of each and every taxpayer in the EU.

Forced to fund our own demise

For decades the mass media in Europe and the West have been the propagandists of the globalists. With the dawn of the Internet things started to change and the validity of the nationalist message has been proven by the surge of alternative media sources. More and more people are saying “no thanks” to the editorial liars.

Since that “no” has its effect in falling income and circulation for the media corporations, new ways must be found to keep them going. Different kinds of state-sponsored support for newspapers are discussed in several countries and the ruling elite does what it can to milk money from the taxpayers. We are being forced to pay for our own demise, also when it comes to the different kinds of media.

Follow the example of Hungary

As long as the doctrine of the media was left-wing liberalism, no one (but a few) raised any concerns. In the Swedish public service more than 80 percent of the employees hold left-wing ideas and they are recruiting only those who adhere to the PC-agenda.

When the political correctness changes, as it has in Hungary, the same people claim to be worried about the freedom of the press and freedom of speech and the blame game starts. In Hungary now, all is blamed on Viktor Orbán, when the truth of the matter is that not enough people want to spend their hard earned money on lying journalists and their agenda. It is in the nationalist oppositions interest to challenge state sponsored mass media in every country.

When left to fend for themselves, the old liberal media fall easily, like a house of cards for the smallest breeze.