Thought precedes words and words precede action. By analyzing the words that the common man, as well as politicians, are using and the approval or disapproval it renders, we can foresee the actions that will follow.

Without a doubt we can establish that more and more Europeans are getting fed up with the path “our” politicians and elites have chosen for our continent. This has been a slow process since we Europeans, as peoples, are altruistic and caring by nature. For decades, we have allowed and embraced refugees from all over the world; we have accepted that part of our taxes are sent to poor countries and we have ourselves donated even more money to different kind of relief organizations (i.e. International Red Cross).

We have also accepted that not only asylum seekers have been welcomed, but also migrants, not fleeing from war but in search for a better life. We have excused them for not integrating and living on welfare, thinking that it takes time to feel at home in a new country. A part of this acceptance has been that we have herded ourselves, speaking out against “racism” and “xenophobia” at the workplaces or around the dinner table.

But those days are over. Finally more and more, many more, have had enough.

The people have had enough

People’s minds are changing and this is obvious when we analyze the debate climate. Ideas that were condemned as “extreme” 20 or even just 10 years ago are today outspoken, even by mainstream politicians (i.e. that we must have control over our borders; that we can’t be a social agency for the whole world and so forth). Others have gone further than that…

  • In Sweden, a city council member for the Sweden Democrats said that Sweden should post machine guns on the border to Denmark to hold the “refugees” away. Sure, the establishment and her own party disavowed her – but the common man supported her.
  • The well known British columnist Katie Hopkins wrote, also in 2015: “NO, I don’t care. Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad. I still don’t care. Because in the next minute you’ll show me pictures of aggressive young men at Calais, spreading like the deadly norovirus on a cruise ship.” Once again, the journalists were outraged, but the common man gave applause.
  • In Italy, the mayor of the town Albettone, used very harsh words commenting on the “refugee crisis” in Italy. Speaking on Radio 24, he said (amongst other things): “Immigrants? If they send them to us, we will protect our houses. We are proud to be racists“. Italy is one of the countries in Europe who has been hit especially hard by the so-called “refugee crisis” since it is the first destination along the migration route over the Mediterranean.

In Europe, and especially in the countries who either are “first destination countries” or countries who have welcomed the migration (Sweden and Germany) we can see that law and order is falling apart. Look at Paris, France, where immigrants are taking over whole neighborhoods and where the police go on strike, or Germany, where during the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142 500 crimes, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office.

The center cannot hold!

The politicians are failing

The politicians and the elites are driving Europe towards civil unrest and, maybe, warlike scenarios in a near future. Their politics and facts like the 142 500 crimes in Germany, committed by people who have no respect for our way of life or not even the decency to treat their hosts with respect, will make sure of that.

When it begins, remember who are to blame. Rudyard Kipling wrote about the wrath of the awakened Saxon. Its essence is about the response that sooner or later will come from our people when they have had enough. Words precede action and it seems like the Europeans are getting ready for war.

As European nationalists we don’t want violence – but we will fight for survival. There is still time to reach civil and non-violent solutions to the problems in Europe, but it seems that the elites are hell-bent on their way towards the abyss. We should not be a part of the voices calling for violent uprisings, but we must inform and explain why it will come to pass if things don’t change.