On the 25th of March 2017, Alliance for Peace and Freedom and Europa Terra Nostra, celebrated the first year of the Giorgios and Manos Centre – the office of APF and ETN in Brussels. Around 50 attendees came together in friendship to make the day one to remember.

Hervé Van Laethem and Gonzalo Martin Garcia from the APF leadership held speeches about the history of the center but also about the work of APF and ETN during the year that has passed. Of course, much focused on the challenges that lay ahead when the full force of the European Union try to defund the party and it’s foundation. The eurocrats hope that APF and ETN won’t survive but among the attendants the opposite sentiment was prevalent. The fact is that APF and ETN already was up and running before the European Union recognized the party as a European party and provided some meager funding. Whatever happens next, we are determined to continue with the important work and thanks to donations from party members and other european nationalist we are close to secure the continuation of the center in Brussels for one more year.

So far, neither violent demonstrations from so-called antifa, threats nor other actions that have been taken against APF/ETN have succeeded in closing the Giorgios and Manos Centre. This fact and all the support made the celebration even more festive. To all who have contributed; thanks!