On Facebook – on the page Resto del Carlino which published the news about the group violence in Rimini– he commented: “Rape is bad* but only at the beginning, then the woman becomes calm and it is normal sex.” Then he suddenly cancelled it, but it was too late. Now Abid Jee, 24, risks being dismissed. Since December 2016 he has worked as a cultural mediator for the Bolognese cooperative Lai-Momo. The young man has been working at the regional hub in via Mattei for several months, where migrants are sorted and then redistributed throughout the region, but also in other reception institutions within the city.


This relates to the incident in Rimini where a Polish man was beaten by a gang of “migrants” then forced to watch as his girlfriend was raped (link).

*He actually uses the word “peggio” which means “worse”. That implies a comparative but I don’t see one. Possibly his Italian isn’t very good or maybe mine isn’t and “peggio” has some non-comparative meaning that is lost to me.

If this screenshot is accurate, what he said was actually worse than is quoted in the newspaper.


Rape is a bad act but only at the beginning, once the dick enters the woman becomes calm and enjoys it like a normal sex act.