A migrant centre is set up in Rome, in a district known as Il Tiburtino III. It is populated mainly by African negroes. They cause various inconveniences to the people in the neighbourhood. Some kind of drama takes place involving an African migrant, a woman and her children. The woman claims that the African attacked her child and then dragged her child and ultimately her into the migrant centre. She fought against him but claims she was effectively kidnapped for about an hour.

The woman appeared on news broadcasts later with signs of quite bad injuries.

You can see them in this clip.

The negro also appeared on television, claiming something like there had been a dispute between him and the child and the woman then attacked him. The negro didn’t appear to be obviously injured. You can see him in this clip.

The woman was later charged with assaulting the negro.

Protests from locals and Italian patriot groups like Forza Nuova then started around the centre. A significant police presence was stationed there permanently to protect the invaders from attacks by locals and nationalist groups who were coming in from outside the area. There have been various skirmishes over the last two weeks or so involving various combinations of police/patriots/invaders/leftists/mafia types. (I told you it was complicated.)

Today the Italian patriot group CasaPound (named after the American poet Ezra Pound who lived in Italy and made broadcasts for Mussolini’s side during WW2) had called a meeting to discuss the issue.

Leftists and people involved in running the migrant centres (which is a profitable racket in Italy, often literally controlled by the mafia who now make more money from migrants than drugs) had gathered to try and stop the meeting from taking place. In the clip at the top you see some drama as the CasaPound people chase the leftists/mafia types away. The police then get involved. In the end, the meeting did not take place, however.